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Psychotherapy and Counseling

Types of Therapy

Group Therapy

*Group therapy is not being offered and will be on a pause during the COVID-19 "shelter in place" order.

Please keep checking back for updates about our groups. 


You may have heard of group therapy or seen representations of it in the media through the years. Regardless of how you have seen it portrayed or the perceptions you may hold of group therapy, there is plenty of research and clinical stories to suggest that group therapy could be helpful in reducing symptoms, feeling connected with others, and realizing that you are not alone in your life journey. There are many different formats and types of group therapy services out there. At Couch Conversations, we work with a small group of people to ensure that everybody feels supported and connected, in a safe and supportive environment. 


We offer several group therapy options at Couch Conversations Psychotherapy and Counseling:


  1. Women’s Support Group: A support group for adult individuals who identify themselves as women and who are 18 years or older. The Women’s Support Group is a space to come and talk about women’s issues, challenges, and obstacles and find support and solutions from others who are experiencing similar events. 

  2. Anxiety Support Group: A support group for adult individuals (no gender requirements) who are 18 years or older. The Anxiety Support Group is for adults who are experiencing symptoms of anxiety. It is a space to talk about how anxiety is impacting you and also to learn tips and strategies for how others have managed their anxiety. 


If you are interested in learning more about the groups we offer at Couch Conversations Psychotherapy and Counseling, contact us below. 


Learn more about Individual Psychotherapy.

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