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Psychotherapy and Counseling



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Anxiety and Depression

Therapy for anxiety and depression is symptom-driven and focuses on reducing the impact these symptoms are having on your daily life. Learn to manage anxiety and depression more effectively and work towards your personal goals.


Teaches you to set boundaries, assert your needs, improve effective 

communication, spend quality time, start new relationships, foster existing relationships and address other relational challenges.


Personal growth includes learning about your thoughts, behaviors and emotions, identifying your personal goals, improving organization, time management, scheduling, and exploring many other areas for growth. 

Work and Academic Stress

Therapy that specifically addresses workplace stressors and pressures from the academic world.  Therapy would focus on interactions with others, managing expectations, and  reducing worries.

Therapy Sessions
Couch Conversations
Psychotherapy Services

Welcome to Couch Conversations Psychotherapy and Counseling, Inc. We are a group practice providing psychotherapy services to clients in the state of California. We know it could be difficult to overcome stress, anxiety or depression, but nobody should have to feel lost because of these feelings. As soon as you reach out to us, you gain a partner in therapy that is committed to your progress as much as you are. Join us on the couch!


Getting Help

Don’t delay the pathway to a new and improved life and let us guide you to the balance you want. Once you reach out by clicking or calling, we make sure we connect you with the right therapist. You are only a click or call away from making the change you want. 

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