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Couch Conversations

Psychotherapy and Counseling

Types of Therapy:

Family Therapy

If you are like most people, you have likely experienced some type of family issues. While most families have some issues, at times, some families need more help and support in overcoming their relationship roadblocks with one another. Family stressors are due to a range of issues including marital discord, financial issues, sibling relationships, or not spending enough time together. 


Family therapy looks different for different family systems. Sometimes, it could just include two adolescent or adult siblings coming to family sessions together. It may include a parent and child dyad whether the child is a minor or an adult. It could include the whole family system with the caregivers and children attending all together. No matter how the therapy session looks, your Couch Conversations psychotherapist will assist you and your family in learning how to communicate more effectively with one another, express your needs and feelings to your family members and explore the relationship issues impacting the family. 


If you and your family are struggling with your relationships with one another, one of our Couch Conversations psychotherapists could give you more information on how family therapy could assist your family in reaching their goals. 


Learn more about Couples Counseling here.

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